Q: Where can I buy CUBE bikes and products?

A: Authorized CUBE Retailers in Canada and the United States

Find a CUBE Retailer near you. (LINK)

Q: Can I order replacement parts and accessories directly from CUBE?

A: Replacement parts and accessories can only be ordered from your local CUBE Retailer.

Q: Who can I contact if I have an issue with my CUBE?

A: Your CUBE Retailer where you bought your bike is committed to helping your with any issues and processing warranty claims on your behalf. Other CUBE Retailers can handle warranty issues on a voluntary basis but are not obliged to.

Q: How long do I have guarantee/warranty on my CUBE bike?


Only CUBE Retailer can process warranties. Your CUBE bike is warranted to be free from manufacturing defects for 2 years with effect from the date of sale. In addition, we provide our customers with the following warranty in the event of frame breakage outside the statutory warranty period as follows:

For all frames and rigid forks from model year 2012 we guarantee from the date of sale from the Retailer: Aluminum 6 Years Guarantee, Carbon, Alu-Carbon 3 Years Guarantee.

If a break occurs during this period (from date of sale), we will replace the frame with the same or similar. This warranty applies only to the frame. The cost of components necessary for the frame’s function (e.g. seat post, derailleur, handlebar and stem, suspension fork, etc.), even where a replacement frame necessitates replacement of some or all of these components, must be borne by the customer.

EXCLUSIONS: For Fritzz, Hanzz, Two15, for all dirt bikes, and all frame exchanges add on parts are not included into this extended warranty. Here the 2 years limited warranty applies.

We reserve the right to repair defective frames or parts or to replace them with the corresponding updated model.

A condition of the warranty is normal use of the bike in accordance with the manufacturer’s stipulations.

Modification work outside the statutory warranty period (2 years) will not be carried out or refunded by us free of charge. We therefore request that the customer be fully aware of this stipulation on conclusion of the sales contract to avoid possible misunderstandings later.

BOSCH warranty:

All warranties on Bosch eBike components are handled by Bosch. The warranty period lasts 24 months from the date of sale of the e-Bike to the end consumer. If the end consumer’s e-Bike is intended for commercial use ( e.g. rental company, messenger service), the warranty period lasts 12 months.

Damage resulting from improper use. This includes, but is not limited to, the use of a Pedelec bike in a bike park or similar, overstrain through jumping or any alteration of the original Bosch system such as speed tuning.

Special Case: Carbon Frames and Carbon Forks:

We offer you and your customer a CCR Service (CUBE Crash Replacement Service) = exchange service for damaged carbon frames and carbon forks. This exchange service is intended to provide an uncomplicated and cost-saving exchange service for your customer following a crash which results in damage to the frame/carbon forks.

Excluded from the guarantee and warranty are all forms of damage due to improper use or use not in accordance with manufacturer stipulations (e.g. use of a standard frame as a dirt bike, fitting double crown forks, extension of suspension travel, overstressing due to jumps etc.) and all defects due to normal wear and tear. The extended warranty does not apply to the Fritzz, Hanzz, Two15 model, all dirt bikes and carbon frames and all fitted components necessitated by a frame swap.

Q: Is it possible to transfer guarantee to a second buyer?

A. The guarantee becomes null and void when the original buyer sells the bike.

Q. Where can I get information about my Bosch drive unit and battery?